The Trick to Home Office Productivity

These days having a home office is a necessity. You've probably already fashioned a workspace for yourself, but maybe this space was meant to be temporary and working from the dining table is getting old. According to this study, 74% of CFOs plan to shift some employees to remote work perminentally post-Covid-19. It's possible that the corporate office is becoming obsolete! The way you design your home office strongly affects your ability to stay focused and productive. We suggest giving your home office a morale boost to make working at home as inspirational as the office and we have a few design tips to make your home office refreshing and beautiful!

Stay Organized

This may seem both obvious and nearly impossible, but keeping your workspace organized is a surefire way to boost that creative energy. For so many, work from home means working alongside spouses, roommates or kids and it is bound to get a bit unorganized. Clutter can make you feel stressed and distracted, so ditch it! Spend an hour decluttering and creating intentional spaces for the clutter that seems to keep coming back. Trust us, it's not as hard as it seems!

Be Space-Concious

Be intentional with your space. Whether you are working from the dining table or you have a full home office, it's important to break up the space. Dedicate areas of your home to specific activities. By doing this, you will keep your space organized and you will able to shift your focus based on the space you enter. When you walk into your office space, you want to feel like you've shifted from your home to your workplace. We are spending so much time in our homes, it's important to have a seperate space for working if possible. This way when you sit down at your dining table for dinner, you don't feel like you're still at work.

Go Green

Introduce some greenery to your office space to brighten up your mood. Adding plant life to a space is a great way to liven up a space that is beginning to feel dull. Plus, plants provide oxygen. With so much time being spent indoors this winter, adding some greenery can provide a little fresh air without leaving your desk.

Brighten Up

Maximize the natural light in your home. Keeping your space filled with natural light will boost your mood and brighten your day - literally! Natural light is favored among many when it comes to their offices and, when in you're working from your home, you have total control over the light in your space. Consider designating your office space to a sunny corner of the room or position your desk facing out a window. Add curtains for those moments when the sun causes glare or harsh lighting. You can also add mirrors, glass decor and reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room.

Get Inspired

Make sure that whatever your workspace looks like, it keeps you inspired. Whether you are in graphic design or data analytics, its important that you feel motivated. We recommend decorating your workspace with photos and artwork that reminds you of what inspires you. For some, that is a collection of family photos or a child's drawing. For others, its a painting of their favorite travel destination or a color palette that they love. At the end of the day, you want to remind yourself what you are working toward.

Bonus: Our Work From Home Essentials!

1. An Accent Chair

2. Metalic Desk Lamp

3. Computer Stand/Organizer

4. Desktop Whiteboard

5. A Great Desk

6. Some Attractive Filing Boxes

7. Coffee Mug Hot Plate

8. Frames for your pieces of inspiration

9. Something to Keep Cords Organized

Written By Judson Roy Home Stager, Taylor Dalton

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