Design Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool on Hot Summer Days

People all over the west coast are expecting some outrageously high temperatures this weekend. Everyone is in a mad dash for ACs and box fans! So we thought we would offer a few design tips to make your home feel cooler. You'll still need all the fans, but you might just be able to trick your brain into believing it's even cooler. So if you're planning to hunker down inside for these hot days, keep scrolling for a few home updates to keep you busy and keep you cool!

Bring the Outside In

If you're opting to beat the heat by staying in, why not bring some of the outside inside with you? Keeping plants around the house is a great way to liven up a space and keep you from missing the great outdoors. Even if they are fake, your secret is safe with us! Adding vases with water and flowers is also a great way to add moisture to the air in your home and balance the environment on dry, hot summer days.

Try Out Minimalism

Welcome the empty space! Creating a paired down and simple space will make your home feel airy and clean. Part of keeping yourself cool is staying calm and relaxed in your home and going a little bit minimalist might be perfect for you!

Cool Tones

Keeping your home light and airy is a great way to trick your brain into feeling cool and zen. Choosing cool tones for your walls, furniture and accents will keep the space calm and cool - no matter how hot it gets outside! Opt for pale blues, light greys and whites when thinking about creating a home that beats the heat.

Materials Matter

When designing to stay cool, the materials you choose really matter! Opt for lightweight linens or stone surfaces. Even lacquer can have a moment here! You want to surround yourself with materials that don't soak up too much warmth. Swap the big fluffy rug for a smaller, thinner rug and embrace your cold hardwood floors!

Keep Bedding Light

The summer heat shouldn't keep you from getting a good night's sleep. Ditch your flannel sheets for something lighter and cooler. Find yourself a linen cool colored bed set and you will be sleeping soundly in no time!

Don't Forget the Drapes!

Keeping your home cool doesn't necessarily mean you have to live in the darkness. Natural light is important to make your home feel cheery and comfortable. Add drapes to your space to defuse the light while keeping your home from the rising temperatures outside.

Written By Judson Roy Home Stager, Taylor Dalton

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