How long does the staging process take?

We ask that the home be available to us from 9am-5pm. We can typically stage an average sized property in one day. If we need more time, we will communicate our needs with you. Learn more about our process here.

How do I get started?

Book your free no obligation consultation right now! Self schedule your consultation here. OR Conact us at (971) 340-6615

Do you work with folks outside of the Portland Metro area?

We would love to! We have worked on some coastal homes in the past and we love to travel! Keep in mind, more travel involves extra planning and budgeting. Also, we will be offering services in Seattle very soon!

How much will our project cost?

Full service home staging is priced according to the scope of work and start at $2,000. Cost is dependant on a variety of factors including how many rooms are being staged, how many furnishings are required to fill the space and the amount of time the furniture is staged.

Is Judson Roy licensed and insured?

Yes, Judson Roy Home is licensed and insured in the state of Oregon.

Do you rent furniture?

No. Judson Roy needs have plenty of inventory in the warehouse, so we can accomodate the design needs of all our clients' unique homes.

Is cleaning included?

No. Your home will need to be cleaned prior to your staging date.